Our edibles are made with organic full-sun Cannabis flowers and concentrates. A typical adult serving of THC ranges from 5 - 25mg depending on the patient. Always start with less and wait at least one hour before additional consumption. All of our CBD medicine is made from organic medical Cannabis and is not Hemp derived. Please consult your local bud-tender for more information. 


Tinctures are liquid medicinals that can be made with alcohol, glycerin or vinegar. We use vegetable glycerin, raw organic Cannabis flowers, activated organic Cannabis flowers, zero PPM solvent-free Cannabis extract, and other healing herbs. Our tinctures are specifically designed to be light. Please enjoy plain, or with the beverage of your choice: hot, cold, or sparkling. They taste absolutely delicious! Tinctures are very fast acting especially when consumed sublingually.  


Cannabis topically is miraculous for aches, pains, and dermatological imbalances.  It is anti-fungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and has been known to kill MRSA and Melanoma in lab studies. Cannabis topically has also been proven to significantly alleviate and relieve skin conditions such as: eczema, and psoriasis.*


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