Meet Our Omazing Woman — Emily

Welcome to Om Edibles’ first blog.  This is a glimpse into our female owned and operated California cannabis company.  We never could’ve gotten this far without lifting each other up. So as a tribute to all the women who helped us along the way, we will honor an Omazing Woman every month. Some ladies are part of Om’s team, others inspire us, but we feel all deserve to have their story shared.

For our first Omazing Woman feature, it only makes sense to honor our right hand lady, the second in command — Emily. She’s worked with Maya for years and has her hands in all our products. From trimming to now production and partner in Om, we’re lucky to have her!

Please introduce yourself and what you do at OM Edibles.

My name is Emily Milojevich, I’m the Production Manager, but I essentially have my hands in making all the products. Maya has formulated these amazing recipes, shared them with me, and together we’ve dialed it in to make them on a larger scale with proper milligram dosing. It’s been really cool.


How did you and Maya meet?

We met through a mutual friend who connected me for a trimming job. Maya picked me up from BART. “I’m in a gray Subaru,” she said. “Ok, I have big curly hair,” I replied. I walk out and there’s Maya. She’s a legendary host — fruit trays, mates, and always the best flower around. The rest is… Well, it evolved from a trim scene and grew from there! From labeling and packaging her creations to making them, it’s been a wild journey. There’s been so much to learn and I’m grateful to be here.

Did you always have an interest in cannabis? What sparked this feeling?

The first time I smoked my life changed! Seeing the flowers grow then to trim bud, it felt like a revelation. One day on a farm I found myself fully engulfed in a plant. I looked over and saw my best friend fully engulfed in the same plant, those are the moments I fell in love. I realized this plant from the earth and these beautiful flowers have so much to share.


What’s your favorite part of the industry right now? What is the most challenging?

I think my favorite part is the creativity. Everyone has to rethink the way they do things and work within new boundaries while still expanding. Instead of getting a problem and being shut down, people find a new way to approach things. That’s what we need for growth in general. If the rules are to make products safer for people, I’m all for that. But when someone makes rules about something they might not understand…

The most challenging part? Math! (laughs) High school math does come in handy. You’re dealing with averages, guesswork and doing the best you can based on the information you’ve been given — all while trying to be precise!

For example, if you test at 10mg you can have a 2mg swing of 9mg to 11mg. If it falls within that range you can sell the product. If it falls at 8.9mg you can relabel, but if it comes back at 11.1mg you have to destroy the product.

It all ties in to how I see the future of legalization with more education. With a lot of regulations comes a lot of waste. We have to watch people throw away perfectly good medicine because cannabinoids come back over the 10mg per serving limit. If you put a sticker on something that says, “This is 12mg,” someone might go, “Heck yes, 12mg — I’ll take it!” Or cut it in half and have two doses of 6mg.


Imagine the future of cannabis. What would your legalization look like?

More education! If you give people information and a way to understand it, they’re going to take that knowledge and apply it to their own personal use. Right now an adult serving is 10mg THC. While that might be a proper serving for one person, it might not be for the next. Cannabis is such a personal experience and affects every person differently.

The saddest thing to me is the people who really need 500mg a day or 1,000mg a week. Cannabis used to be an affordable method of pain management. Where are they getting that now? Is it even affordable anymore? Some people can’t smoke, but need their 1,000mg a day because they can’t eat, move or sleep otherwise. Now those people have to eat one hundred 10mg edibles a day? It’s not feasible. 

Don’t take away. Give more knowledge and education.


What’s your favorite OM product?

I can’t just name all the products, can I? Really, depending on the day, any product could be a favorite.

I will say the Gummis are my new favorite movie snack. They help me engage and enjoy! Also, taking an Epsom Salt bath is such a treat and a great way to practice self care.

When people tell me our products help them, at the end of the day that’s what keeps me going — knowing we provide a way to relief, joy and comfort. I’m helping facilitate a loving and gentle experience. Our products help folks relax and appreciate all the work their body, mind, and spirit are doing. People need a hug. I know it’s corny, but it’s like we provide little hugs in bottles. I’m trying to continue the nurturing work of my grandmothers. These hands are my grandmother’s and mother’s hands. Let me comfort you. 

Last but certainly not least, what is your one goddess tip?

Have someone give you a foot massage with the Lion Balm. Shea and cocoa butter soften calloused skin while cannabinoids can help with athletes foot or other dermatological imbalances. I recommend a glass of tea or wine, put your feet up and have a beloved rub your them with the Lion Balm.

Really want to up your self care? After lathering feet, put socks on before bed to maximize moisturize and lock in the magic. If desired, wrap lathered and socked feet in a heating blanket for even deeper penetration. Plus it’s just a wonderful feeling!


Disclaimer: As with any medicine always check with you Doctor or primary care provider before using cannabis.  These statements have not been  not evaluated by the FDA.