6 Benefits To Eating Edibles Cannabis


What a time to be alive. In this era where a medical patient have many choices as to how to medicate with Cannabis, why not explore the opportunities.  Throughout the years, we've had the opportunity to experiment with what we consider to be the super food that is Cannabis. Trying it with the many traditional and holistic ingredients,  here are some of the insights we've found to be the benefits of consuming Cannabis orally. 


1. Better for Your Organs

Although there isn't any official medical research claiming that inhaling Cannabis is harmful to your health or internal organs, we hold to the conscious act in assuming that consuming Cannabis through edibles may overall be better for your organs. Especially for those who are may have a history of smoking cigarettes who are making a choice to avoid inhaling smoke.

Too, for women who are pregnant and or nursing, should they chose Cannabis for morning sickness, nausea, or other minor ailments during pregnancy and nursing — ingesting edibles or tinctures could be a sound, safe and healthy way to treat symptoms while keeping the baby and the mother's body smoke free.


2. Economical For Patients 




3. Works Safely With Other Meds

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4. Takes Away From The Stigma Of Smoking

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5. Fast Acting

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6. A Healthy Choice 

Reporter Phillip smith from Award-winning Independent media institute AlAlterNet.org explains that,  "Part of food science is understanding how different foods interact with each other, such as the synergistic impact of eating olive oil with your tomatoes in helping the body absorb the nutrients. People manufacturing marijuana edibles have to be not only cannabis scientists, but also food scientists.

The problem is, the science isn't there yet. While there's powerful anecdotal evidence that marijuana acts as a catalyst with other herbs, making their effects stronger, real clinical scientific evidence is probably a decade or more down the road."

And we agree,